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Fall, winter, spring, summer .... every season at the Frio River is wonderful. I find myself looking forward to each different season as they are approaching. Hiking and exploring at the nearby state parks are always one of our favorite pastimes during the cooler seasons. Summer is quickly approaching and it is supposed to be extra hot. We will soon replace hiking with hanging out in the cool, clear waters of the Frio River. Here are a few images taken last summer, some with my professional camera and some with just my cell phone. We have some availability left for the summer months if you would like to stay cool this summer with your family and make lifelong memories.

~ Rebekah

Frio River at the Frio House

Sitting down at the steps by the river. The old cypress tree fell many many years ago, likely in the huge flood that came in the 1990s.

banks of the Frio River

Our youngest Frio gal.

Sunset at the Frio House

Sunsets at the Frio House are so beautiful.

Rope swinging Frio River

A rope swing in the middle of the river just down from the Frio House. Deep cold water.

sunset at the Frio River

Somewhere along highway 83.

River in August at The Frio House

Taken in August of last year. The rocks are so clean and pretty at the end of the summer season.

A bunch of river rats (our twins softball team).

Softball gals jumping off the nearby bluffs.

Clear cold water of the Frio River

Sparkling water off the stairs at the Frio House. Book your stay at


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