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Riverfront Frio River Vacation Lodging | The Frio House

Who's excited for summmmmmer??? We are!! This past winter and spring we've been gearing up for the summer season. We tore down some totally ugly, super tall Jurassic Park style fencing that enclosed a small area of the yard (making you feel really cramped within the yard) and replaced it with a privacy fence on the neighbor side and a split rail wood fence at the entrance to the property. It looks so much better. And we built this great new stair entrance with steps leading into the water. Originally, the only entrance into the water was a ladder. One of our future projects will be building a fire ring/sitting area that overlooks the river (we currently have one in the yard)! So here's to summer with lots of swimming, laughter, sunset watching, smores, and memories made with your family and friends. :)

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