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Riverfront Frio River Vacation Lodging | The Frio House

Happy New Year y'all! I realize we have not written a blog in over a year!! Little baby #3 is to blame for that. So we thought we'd hop on here to update the blog with some recent photos taken at the Frio House. Many of the images we share of the Frio House focus on the river and don't show much of the actual grounds. So I've included several that show the yard and property.

Summer 2019 (this will be our 4th rental summer for the Frio House....CRAZY!) has been opened for booking and the spots are already filling up quick! Be sure to check us out at if you are interested in visiting. We comfortably fit a family of 3 (hooray for the new 3rd bathroom addition) and up to 15 people. We offer discounted off-season winter rates if you are thinking about a trip before the summer heat kicks in. Winter is one of my favorite times as the weather is beautiful and perfect for hiking and s'morin!


*View from dining room

*Even during the winter months, it is so pretty here

*Frio crazies; I'm a child photographer and this is the best I got of the 3 of them LOL

*Backyard with our new sidewalk Chris built


*Part of the grounds of The Frio House

*Our littlest Frio gal getting dirty and trying to eat rocks

*Perfect spot for s'mores cuddled with the fam

* A 4 bedroom, with three private & separate areas for each family, and 3 bathroom river house. We've got deep water, shallow water, rapids, and a rope swing.

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