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Wow, summer 2017 is already in it's last month! It has flown by and The Frio House has had awesome guests. Many summer '17 guests are already booking again for next summer '18! We love repeat guests. We personally have done lots of swimming, a random rescue of a homeless kitten from the river, lots of s'mores, and always lots of work to keep the property in great condition.

This fall we plan to do more work on the property...after we welcome baby #3. She's due in about 4 weeks.... yikes, I better get off this long overdue blog and get busy nesting. Two of the biggest changes to the property is Chris built and installed with the help of my dad a new metal deck railing so that you can see the river from the deck even better. So long old and dreary lattice! Chris also laid a new walkway from the parking area all the way to the house. It makes rolling in suitcases and ice chests so much easier than the previous narrow, uneven, and rocky walkway.

Here are a few pictures of work and fun from this past year. Hope y'all enjoy the remaining month of summer vacation and we hope to see you at the Frio River! ~ Rebekah

New deck railing allows for even better water views.

*New deck railing allows for even better river viewing!

*Swimming in cool temps and frigid water. Not for this momma!

*New and improved walkway being installed.

*Seems like the kids get all the fun and relaxation at The Frio House.

*Pop Pop helping to perfect swimming techniques.

*Post kitten water rescue.

*Where is kid #3 supposed to fit on Frio trips????

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